Ankur Dinesh Garg, Bob Schukai, Darius Withers

AI Applications for your Business Have Arrived

Run time: 34:30

Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent the evolution of computing capabilities. We all have a sense of what AI means and of various definitions for the term – computing applications and systems that process data in a manner that predicts, changes with, or learns by experience and otherwise functions as a cognitive system. The most meaningful aspect of this evolutionary process involving AI is the availability of data and access to AI processing engines across Cloud-based platforms. We’ll hear from a group of experts who work with AI or assist others with AI implementations. The panel will discuss how AI has supported networking functions, financial services processing, self-driving cars and solving therapies for COVID-19. They will address common business use cases for which AI is increasingly becoming an essential element of business process. The panel will also discuss practical concerns with how to get started and how to overcome challenges with AI.