BraveIT Session

Battle Royale: Hyperscale Vs. Hyperconverged

Run time: 32:13

Hyperscale (a.k.a., public) clouds have been all the rage. But as more businesses look to the cloud for their data and applications, they’re asking some tough questions: “Is public cloud more economical than private cloud in all cases? Which type of cloud best addresses my company’s unique needs? How does hyperconverged infrastructure change the equation? Are we properly staffed to manage any of the options?” Industry experts and IT leaders will tackle these and similar questions, to help you make the best decision for your business. Mary Meduski, President and Chief Financial Officer, TierPoint David Sangster, Chief Operating Officer, Nutanix Jason Tofsky, Managing Director, Technology, Media and Telecom, Goldman Sachs Colby Synesael, Analyst, Cowen Jeff August, Chief Strategy Officer, Upstack Chris Crosby, Founder & CEO, Compass Datacenters