The agenda is designed to help the modern IT leader navigate and understand emerging technologies and how they are impacting IT business strategies.

Wednesday 9/16, 7:00 AM ET

Day 1 Fitness

Brogan GrahamBrogan Graham
Goldie YogaGoldie Yoga

Start your first day of BraveIT with 2 ways to keep health in mind.  Brogan Graham offers a workout that will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to take on the day, and Goldie Yoga will help clear your mind and set the tone for the rest of BraveIT. Special thanks to Dell Technologies and VMware for making these fitness options available to our BraveIT attendees.


Wednesday 9/16, 7:30 AM ET

What's Your Cyber IQ with Brett Williams

Major General Brett WilliamsMajor General Brett Williams
Mary MeduskiMary Meduski

What’s Your Cyber IQ? Returning BraveIT speaker, Major General Brett Williams (Ret.), uncovers the opportunity to align executives to the most junior employee on threats, risk tolerance, and security spend. Companies invest in Board and C-Suite level training, and basic employee awareness, but far too often there is no linkage between the two. TierPoint President and CFO, Mary Meduski, joins the conversation.


Wednesday 9/16, 8:00 AM ET

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Jerry KentJerry Kent

Welcome and opening remarks from TierPoint Chairman and CEO, Jerry Kent.


Wednesday 9/16, 8:05 AM ET

Keynote: Tom Gruber

Tom GruberTom Gruber

Humanistic Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence opens a world of possibilities to improve how we work, play, learn, and take care of ourselves. Our decisions about which projects to choose, how to build and apply models, and how to guide the process can make a huge difference on the impact of our work. In this talk, we will discuss the role of a guiding philosophy in making these critical decisions, and describe how the philosophy — called Humanistic AI — has been applied over a career of inventions and applications. We conclude with examples of humanistic AI projects that have the potential to help with some of the important problems raised by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Wednesday 9/16, 9:15 AM ET

The Dramatic Acceleration to Multi-Cloud

Rich CannonRich Cannon
David McKenneyDavid McKenney

Cloud migrations have accelerated in 2020 at a pace most organizations didn’t think they could keep up with.  So what does 2021 hold in store for cloud?  Multi-cloud. By 2022, over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs. That’s according to the latest forecast from global technology research and consulting services firm International Data Corporation (IDC), which expects 2021 to be the year of multi-cloud, with the vast majority of enterprises deploying combinations of on-premises, off-premises, public, and private clouds as their default environments.


Wednesday 9/16, 9:55 AM ET

Security 2020: Zero Trust in a Remote Landscape

Chase CunninghamChase Cunningham
Paul MazzuccoPaul Mazzucco

Today’s digital businesses are increasingly leveraging new technologies and adopting updated business models. And although transformation results in new opportunities it also brings challenges and vulnerabilities. In the digital world there is no defined perimeter – it exists where your data lives, where customers connect with your organization and where employees or partners interact with your services. As a result, many organizations are adopting a Zero Trust approach to secure their data, network, people, applications and devices. How realistic is this type of approach? Some IT leaders stumble with the principle of “never trust, always verify” and become overly dependent on the technologies to support this strategy. How is this approach impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the changing ways people work? In this session, join Forrester Principal Analyst Dr. Chase Cunningham and TierPoint CISO Paul Mazzucco to hear more about the Zero Trust model and how the global pandemic is shaping this approach to security.


Wednesday 9/16, 10:35 AM ET

The Pivot for Now: IT Peers Share COVID-19 Stories

Charles OsbornCharles Osborn
Phil GoldfederPhil Goldfeder
dMitri DeVosdMitri DeVos
Pete AbelPete Abel

A look back at what worked and didn’t work during the early days of the 2020 pandemic. TierPoint customers, Enable Midstream (an energy company) and Cross River (a financial firm), join IT Strategy Workshop conductor, dMitri DeVos, to share anecdotes and strategies of what various IT leaders experienced during the early days of the pandemic.  TierPoint’s Pete Abel leads the discussion.


Wednesday 9/16, 11:25 AM ET

Enabling a Remote Workforce: Fireside Chat with Nutanix

Param DesaiParam Desai
Matt BrickeyMatt Brickey

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is on the rise, and Nutanix is leading the charge to solve for a larger remote workforce. TierPoint’s Matt Brickey leads a discussion with Nutanix’s Param Desai.


Wednesday 9/16, 12:00 PM ET

Live with Fabio Viviani! Italian Cooking Demo

Chef Fabio VivianiChef Fabio Viviani

Top Chef fan favorite and restaurateur, Fabio Viviani, will join us live for an Italian themed cooking demonstration.

Bring anyone in the home with you to enjoy this unique experience.


Thursday 9/17, 7:00 AM ET

Day 2 Fitness

Bradley RoseBradley Rose
Jolly BodiesJolly Bodies

Keep up the pace and take in a Day 2 workout with boxer and actor, Bradley Rose, as you learn the fundamentals of boxing. Or, join Jolly Bodies for a one-of-a-kind fitness experience designed to bring out the inner jolly in you.  Thank you to Service Express and Sirius Comptuer Solutions, Inc. for making these  fitness options available to our BraveIT attendees.


Thursday 9/17, 11:30 AM ET

Welcome & Housekeeping

Andrew BairdAndrew Baird

Welcome back to BraveIT, Day 2!


Thursday 9/17, 11:40 AM ET

How to Survive the Pandemic Recession

Ted SchadlerTed Schadler
Bruce RandallBruce Randall
Michael MorrisMichael Morris
Lucie PoulicakosLucie Poulicakos

IT leaders have the opportunity to lead their organizations through one of the greatest challenges the modern world has ever experienced. Join Forrester, Service Now, and Newmark Knight Frank as we learn what IT leaders should start doing now to realign their digital transformation efforts to survive the 2020 Pandemic Recession.  TierPoint’s own IT leader, Lucie Poulicakos leads the discussion.


Thursday 9/17, 12:15 PM ET

Empowering Businesses to Thrive in a Multi-Cloud World

Dan HodgeDan Hodge
Alvaro GonzalezAlvaro Gonzalez

Organizations today are increasingly leveraging public clouds as part of their cloud strategy for agility and reduced TCO. However, public cloud can lead to challenges such as inability to scale storage capacity and performance effectively, high operating costs, vendor lock-in, and data compliance and control issues. Dell Technologies offers a solution that addresses these challenges by delivering durable, persistent cloud attached storage that is scalable, highly available, and has a flexible design to optimize costs and keep businesses in control of their data.


Thursday 9/17, 12:45 PM ET

Towards a Fearless Future: a Tech 2025 News Roundtable

Charlie OliverCharlie Oliver
Cindy ChinCindy Chin
Jerry DavisJerry Davis
Greg LarkinGreg Larkin
Samson WilliamsSamson Williams

Join Charlie Oliver, Founder and CEO of Tech 2025, as she and her panelists of educators and business leaders discuss the latest tech news and commentary.

Tech 2025 is a learning platform and innovation community for professionals and organizations to learn about (and prepare for) the accelerating global disruption that will happen over the next 5 years, due to emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR/XR, Driverless Vehicles, Robot Automation, 3D Printing, Biotech, Space Tech, Drones, Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Sustainable Technologies.


Thursday 9/17, 1:20 PM ET

AI Applications for your Business Have Arrived

Ankur Dinesh GargAnkur Dinesh Garg
Darius WithersDarius Withers
Bob SchukaiBob Schukai
Jonathan BeckhamJonathan Beckham

Artificial intelligence and machine learning represent an evolution of computing capabilities. We all have a sense of what AI means and of various definitions for the term – computing applications and systems that process data in a manner that predicts, changes with or learns by experience and otherwise functions as a cognitive system. The most meaningful aspect of this evolutionary process involving AI is the availability of data and access to AI processing engines across Cloud-based platforms.

We’ll hear from a group of experts who work with AI or assist others with AI implementations. The panel will discuss how AI has supported networking functions, financial services processing, self-driving cars and solving therapies for COVID-19. They will address common business use cases for which AI is increasingly becoming an essential element of business process. The panel will also discuss practical concerns with how to get started and how to overcome challenges with AI.


Thursday 9/17, 1:55 PM ET

Psychology & Fear in Security Decision Making

Paul MazzuccoPaul Mazzucco
PJ FarmerPJ Farmer

The human brain is wired for survival – fear helps us determine what’s safe and unsafe. But sometimes, fear can hold us back from making the right decisions, especially as business leaders. In this session, we interview TierPoint’s Chief Security Officer, Paul Mazzucco, to discuss how fear can be a double-edge sword, the biggest factors holding us back today, and how to overcome that fear. TierPoint Security Product Manager, PJ Farmer, moderates.


Thursday 9/17, 2:45 PM ET

Deliver on your Hybrid Cloud Strategy with Confidence

Geoff ThompsonGeoff Thompson
Michael HaagMichael Haag
David HinesDavid Hines

Fireside chat with platinum sponsor, VMware. Join us for this interview style discussion about how you can get the most out of your cloud investment by leveraging VMware Cloud Verified solutions built on VMware Cloud Foundation.  Ensure your organization is using Cloud Verified solutions in your hybrid or multi-cloud environment you will benefit from flexibility, optimal integration and interoperability between your data center and the cloud and cost optimization.


Thursday 9/17, 3:15 PM ET

BraveIT Award Ceremony

Andrew BairdAndrew Baird

BraveIT honors the 2020 BraveIT award winner, voted on by the community.


Thursday 9/17, 3:30 PM ET

Keynote: Dan Doctoroff

Dan DoctoroffDan Doctoroff
Sean McCarthySean McCarthy

Dan Doctoroff is the current CEO of Sidewalk Labs, former president and CEO of Bloomberg LP and the former Deputy Mayor of New York City. Doctoroff developed Sidewalk Labs, a visionary new project funded by Google parent company Alphabet, which helps integrate technology into cities nationwide in the hopes of redeveloping decaying and struggling districts into booming city centers enhanced by 21st century technological capabilities. TierPoint’s Sean McCarthy moderates.


Thursday 9/17, 4:30 PM ET

Digital Deception: Interactive Magic Experience

Digital DeceptionDigital Deception

Digital Deception fuses magic and technology in an entertaining, virtual stage show performed by two of the country’s most exciting industry practitioners: Doug McKenzie and Ryan Oakes.

Digital Deception seamlessly integrates the technology platforms and gadgets we know and use everyday; mobile phones, social media, GPS, text messaging, and even drones. Come to BraveIT and see what’s up their…sleeves?


About the BraveIT Award

A peer nominated award to an individual who has exemplified bravery through the utilization of technology for the benefit of others.

Voting is now closed. The winner will be announced on September 17th at BraveIT. 

2020 Speakers

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“As a ‘pumping station’ on the ‘pipeline’ of future STEM professionals, we’re excited to be nominated for a BraveIT award.”

Richard Bowdon, SSP '74, Executive Director

“The BraveIT Award program recognizes initiatives that change lives, just like the life-changing scholarships and mentoring programs offered by the nonprofit Aspire2STEAM. That’s why Cloud Girls stands behind both these organizations and the work they do to inspire women and girls to ‘dream STEAM’ and make STEAM their career focus.”

Angela Hogaboom, Cloud Girls Philanthropic Co-Chair

“The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is honored to be selected to participate in the BraveIT Award program.  Our vision is a world where no barrier is bigger than a dream.  Funding from this program will allow TCMU to provide the opportunity for children and families to enjoy a wonderful learning experience at the museum regardless of their circumstances.”

Barbara Martin, VP Development, TCMU

“We’re delighted to be a finalist for the BraveIT Award and are grateful to TierPoint for recognizing the work of i.c.stars and others in developing the next generation of technology talent.”

President and Co-founder Sandee Kastrul, i.c.stars