The agenda is designed to help the modern IT leader navigate and understand emerging technologies and how they are impacting IT business strategies. Speakers from the USAF, TierPoint, iLuminate and many others will take the stage.

Time Event
8:00 AM
Women in Tech Networking Breakfast & AR Experience
Exclusive breakfast and peer networking session in the Intrepid Space Shuttle Pavilion, featuring a presentation from Global CIO/CTO and Author, Rhonda Vetere, and exclusive access to the Defying Gravity: Women in Space, AR exhibit.
9:30 AM
CXO Below Deck Experience
11:30 AM
Guest Reception & Lunch
12:30 PM
Kickoff & Opening Remarks
12:45 PM
Keynote: Major General Brett Williams, USAF (Ret.)
1:30 PM
1:40 PM
Session 1: What 5G Really Means for IT
For customers, 5G will mean faster speed and better coverage. For carriers, it means more customers and more towers. For IT, it means something else. There may be some not-so-immediately-obvious impacts from the new technology, like heavier loads on your applications and infrastructure due to the easier access to faster speeds, new sources of data (like IoT, Machine Learning and AI), and ensuring you have the right talent to handle the changes. In this session, we join IT experts in a discussion on the implications and solutions to adapting to the new networking technology.
2:20 PM
Session 2: Battle Royale: Hyperscale vs. Hyperconverged
Hyperscale (a.k.a., public) clouds have been all the rage. But as more businesses look to the cloud for their data and applications, they’re asking some tough questions: “Is public cloud more economical than private cloud in all cases? Which type of cloud best addresses my company’s unique needs? How does hyperconverged infrastructure change the equation? Are we properly staffed to manage any of the options?” Industry experts and IT leaders will tackle these and similar questions, to help you make the best decision for your business.
3:00 PM
Networking Break & Technology Spotlights
4:10 PM
Session 3: INSPECTION! The 2020 Security & Compliance Audit
TierPoint’s Chief Security Officer and Certified Hacker, Paul Mazzucco, leads a discussion with analysts and industry experts on the latest strategies and tactics surrounding cyber security and IT compliance.
4:50 PM
Session 4: With a Little Help From My Friends: IT Leaders Trade Stories & Secrets
Microsoft leads a discussion with a panel of IT leaders who have stories to tell about their current Digital & IT Transformation efforts (security, cloud migration, disaster recovery, budgets and human resources).
5:30 PM
BraveIT Award
5:45 PM
Keynote: Miral Kotb, Founder of iLuminate | iLuminate Performance
6:30 PM
Sunset Cocktail Reception on the Rooftop Flight Deck

About the BraveIT Award

A peer nominated award to an individual who has exemplified bravery through the utilization of technology for the benefit of others. We’ll be accepting nominees in the coming weeks. Check back again!

2019 Speakers

Tech leaders and IT Peers who are here to give you insights on how to best navigate issues with data security, data storage, and disaster recovery, as well as a glimpse into new technologies, regulations, and user trends that affect IT organizations.

The Venue

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
New York City

The Museum is a non-profit, educational institution featuring the legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid, the space shuttle Enterprise, the world’s fastest jets and a guided missile submarine.
The Museum is located at:
Pier 86 | W 46th Street and 12th Avenue.
Join us at this home of the Brave.

“The session I enjoyed the most was the Digital Transformation session. I thought it was fascinating and very honest, that the panelists were very direct and candid about their experiences and their willingness to change.”

Jeff Sieracki, Senior Director, Product Management at CenturyLink